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The San Francisco Ring 2018

            Cycle 1: June 12 - 17

            Cycle 2: June 19 - 24

            Cycle 3: June 26 - July 1

We are excited to participate in the 2018 San Francisco presentation of Der Ring Des Nibelungen! Below you can choose your Ring Cycle and which Lecture Forum you wish to participate in. (Hint: Our own Chairman will be lecturing during Cycle 3.)

 Select a Ring Cycle:

 Lecture Forum Cycle 1:

 Lecture Forum Cycle 2:

 Lecture Forum Cycle 3:

The Ultimate Ring Lectures


Sunday, April 22nd


Stefan Mickisch is truly one of the greatest pianists and Wagnerian lecturers of our time. For almost two decades, he has inspired many, lecturing in Bayreuth with his insights and most importantly his performances on the keyboard. This is the 4th installment of an extended lecture of: “Götterdämmerung”.

Will be presented at the Chairman’s Home, when you RSVP above, you can access directions.


Silent Wagner Film

Sunday, February 25th


Click here to view a clip of the film…

On November 20th, 1913, Carl Fröhlich released the first ever full length documentary on film. Most docu-dramas were 12 minutes in length at most back then. But for the first full length docu-drama ever made, it was on non-other than Richard Wagner. Join us for this historic viewing, with accompaniment music by Stefan Mickisch!

(At the chairman’s home)

Ring Forum 1 Forum 2 Forum 3